Acre | Made in Amazonia
Acre Móveis, Made in Amazonia, criada pelo governo do Acre, reúne várias empresas que participaram do projeto e quer ser a primeira semente de um desenvolvimento produtivo da Amazônia, procurando ser sustentável, seja no sentido ambiental, quanto, e sobretudo, no sentido social.
Acre, Móveis, Made in Amazonia
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Acre, Made in Amazonia project is a State Government initiative, through the Secretariat of Development, Industry, Trade and Sustainable Services (Sedens) and Instituto Dom Moacyr (IDM), in partnership with the Sebrae, Fieac System and, Consorzio del Politecnico di Milano, with the support and collaboration of the first lady, the architect Marlúcia Candida.

The project takes advantage of the wealth and biodiversity of natural resources of the Amazon forest in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way, developing a new independent industrial pole for furniture, starting from the creation of contemporary furniture inspired by the identity of the local culture and signed by internationally renowned designers.

Acre, Made in Amazonia introduces new wood of the Acre region certified by Community FSC, an exclusive modality for forest products managed by small farmers or communities.
The direction of the projectual workshop was conducted by designers Emmanuel Gallina and Bernardo Senna, coordinated by Elisângela Rocha (IDM / sedens) and, Arturo Dell’Acqua Bellavitis, Giuliano Simonelli, Eugenia Chiara, Valentina Auricchio and Roberto Galisai, beyond contribution of renowned researchers in Brazil, as Zoy Anastassakis. These professionals were in front of a class of 35 students, between 18 and 60 years old, formed by architects, carpenters, children of woodworkers and local artists, who participated in the idealization of the furniture and in the communication of the project through design workshops.

The result: five lines of contemporary design furniture – Palafita, Jatobá, Empate, Yuxin and Estrela – made with local woods: cedar, cherry, cumarú-ferro, itaúba, jatoba and tauari. Tables, benches, buffets and chairs will be commercialized in furniture stores throughout Brazil, spreading the identity of Acre in a contemporary garment that reflects the local culture, develops the industry and local communities, promotes biodiversity of the Amazon forest and bets in monitored logging.


Emmanuel Gallina


To describe his work as a designer, Emmanuel likes to quote Constantin Brancusi
“Simplicity is complexity resolved”.

Elegance, clarity and simplicity are key to Emmanuel Gallina’s work. His creative ethic at authenticity and coherence is embodied in every one of his projects. To him, attention to detail is a constant priority in the contours, shapes and functionality of his work.

Graduated from E.N.A.D (Limoges) and I.A.V (Orléans), he deepened his knowledge at Milan’s Politecnico obtaining a diploma of Master in design & management. He then collaborated for 7 years with Antonio Citterio in Milan on projects for the most celebrated names of international design. Presently Emmanuel works for his own agency, between Italy and France.

Bernardo Senna


Bernardo Senna (Rio de Janeiro, 1975) studied product design at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) until 1997.
His design philosophy has focus on surprising: new products should bring unseen ideas and proposals that touches people’s curiosity. This way, they can open their minds for new possibilities on many other fields.

His projects show an intensive attempt to reach innovative ways of exploring well known technologies.
Among his clients are Allê Design, Schuster, Brasil Post, Madesol, Tok & Stok, Trama Fhina e Maze (Sweden).